About Me

I’m just a girl (who overshares).

I don’t have the answer to life’s problems. I can’t save your marriage or help you get yourself off of Amazon Prime and onto a budget. I don’t have guidance on how to make you a career badass, nor can I give you recipes that will make people sing your praises. I can’t tell you how to pick the perfect house decor or what clothes to wear to best flatter your body type.

I am just a regular girl, a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a business woman….trying to find my happy place. All I have to offer you are the stories of my own life, my personal trials and errors…and above all things, the ability to laugh. I will share my stories (or overshare them) ALL the days of my life.

I hope this blog reminds you that we are all human…no one said we need to be perfect. There is no race to “win.” We will all ultimately cross the same finish line feeling…hopefully that we have done our best, loved our hardest, and laughed as much as possible.

In fact, when in doubt…choose laughter. Always choose laughter.